From Kommunikation to communication!

Communication is more than just important …

Communication is the key to success. Despite this, there are plenty of ways in which communication can go very wrong, especially when the language in question is not your own mother tongue. You don’t need to look far, both online and in published works, to find a multitude of embarrassing mistranslations and although these are often hilarious, they can also be highly damaging for the companies behind them. I help you to steer clear of these traps by transforming your German files into English texts that are not only engaging, professional and well written but also 100% correct.

Communication needs expertise second to none …

Communication is more than just words. For truly effective and impressive translations, you need a translator with linguistic expertise, a perfect grasp of the source and target languages and knowledge of both cultures. Reproducing each German sentence in English simply won’t suffice: your translator needs to fully understand the meaning and impact of your texts and perfectly communicate these in their language. As a passionate linguist, I thrive on analysing German texts down to the finest detail before producing English counterparts that will impress you and your readers.

Communication always has a huge impact …

Communication can change your business. Being able to identify and appeal to your target audience is an absolute must, especially when it comes to the worlds of marketing, tourism and gastronomy. Let me use my love of the English language and translation skills to put your product on every shopping list, your location on every travel itinerary and your delicacies in every restaurant guide! Are you ready to venture into the international market and open your doors to a global audience? If your answer is yes, my English translations will help to make your plans a successful reality.

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1987 December

My first words signal the start of my love affair with the English language.

1997 September

My first words in German lay the foundations for my future as a translator.

2005 October

First comes the theory – I start to study for a degree in French and German at the University of Cambridge …

2009 August

… and then comes the practice – I achieve my bachelor’s degree from the University of Cambridge and move to Germany to start my life as a freelance translator.

2010 January

I start to work with computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, which make Schewel Translation even more efficient.

2012 March

I receive my master’s degree from the University of Cambridge – further confirmation of my linguistic foundations as a communication expert.

2015 February

Schewel Translation goes online.

2015 November

I become a member of the German Association of Freelance Translators and Interpreters (DVÜD e. V.) – an outstanding community for outstanding translators.

2016 September

I move from Magdeburg to Braunschweig, offering the same top-quality translations from a new location.

2018 September

The brand-new Schewel Translation website is relaunched and the Internet welcomes a professional home for a professional communication expert.

2018 September

I start to work towards achieving the online Copywriting qualification of the College of Media and Publishing, using continuous professional development to keep up with the latest developments in the world of English communication.


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