“The quality of work does not depend on the tool but on the person using it.”



How I became a communication expert

To put it simply: I love language! According to my parents, my love affair with language and communication began at a very young age as a babbling baby! I’m still a chatterbox nowadays but luckily for you, I make perfect sense!

I met the love of my life back in Year 7 of secondary school and we haven’t spent a minute apart ever since. No, I’m not talking about a man: it was the language of poets and thinkers that swept me off my feet and is still doing so today. My decision to study German and French, specialising in Linguistics, at the University of Cambridge was therefore the next logical step. After a year abroad teaching in Saxony-Anhalt, studying in Munich and translating in Cologne and Magdeburg, I returned to Cambridge, successfully completed my degree and moved to Germany, where I took my first steps as a freelance translator. And I’ve never looked back! Both German and English now form an essential part of my day-to-day working and home life and I love it!

For me, there’s nothing more fascinating than the power of language. I love how different combinations of words make communication come to life and how language is a tool that can be shaped and moulded to meet any desired purpose. It is precisely this fascination and passion that have now been the driving force and inspiration behind my work as a translator for more than eight years, enabling me to meet my clients’ English communication and marketing needs to a T.

Keen to find out more? If so, I can’t wait to hear from you!