“The price will be forgotten, but the quality remains.”

From France


If you're looking for a price list, I'm afraid you won't find one here.

When it comes to translation, there are many different factors that need to be considered, which means that prices cannot be summarised in a simple list. Every text and every project has its own individual characteristics, which is precisely why I provide you with your own personal quote based on your specific text(s) and requirements. This quote factors in a variety of aspects including the length of your text, your requested delivery date and the amount of research and consideration required to produce the perfect English translation. But there’s no need to worry: if you’re looking for top-quality work at a fair price, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

When producing translations for my clients, I also set up a client-specific translation database for their technical terms, slogans, etc. By doing so, I can ensure that future translations for the same client are consistent in terms of both style and terminology. These databases not only enable me to work even more efficiently, but you also reap the benefits in the form of discounts and reductions for future texts.

If you would like a first-hand insight into the impressive quality of my English translations, feel free to request a sample translation of your German text (up to 150 words).