“You shouldn’t have to capture or bind customers; you need to inspire them.”

Georg-Wilhelm Exler

1) You send me your text, preferably in one of the following formats: .doc / .xls / .ppt.

2) I read through your text and write an individual quote for your specific requirements. My offer is based on the length and complexity of the text, the requested deadline and the subject in question. I also factor in repetitions both within the text and from any other translations that I have completed for you in the past in order to quote you a fair and accurate price for the task at hand.

3) After you have received and read through my quote, you may contact me if you have any questions. Once you’re happy with my offer, all you need to do is send me your confirmation and I’ll get down to work!

4) I get started on your translation. I’ll be sure to contact you if any questions arise.

5) The first draft of your translation is complete. I now step away from the screen and enjoy a coffee (or, of course, a good old cup of English tea!) before returning to thoroughly check and read through your new English text.

6) I run a number of different quality control checks before printing out your English text and reading it out loud to examine the style and flow. If requested by you, I then send my translation to a qualified colleague to be proofread in accordance with the four-eyes principle, which is particularly useful for printed and published texts.

7) Once I’m fully pleased with the English text and confident that it will tick all the boxes for you too, I send you your translation. If you have any questions or feedback, I’m always happy to help.

8) Everything is perfect? Then it’s time for me to send you my bill and look forward to receiving your feedback and working with you again soon!